Hi, I’m AR Mushy – I’m the Co-Founder of Huntblades…

I’m an expert content writer and fitness nut living the digital nomad life. I spend my days working out and writing various articles, primarily for Huntblades.

I work in a shoe company. And also an expert craftsman of sports shoes. I have given a lot of time of my life to teach him. I think it’s safe to say that I know a pretty good amount about volleyball.

I’ve always been pretty good with computers and websites, and I thought I was a pretty good writer, so I thought I’d put my skills to use by writing about volleyball, which I know a lot about.

My goal with Huntblades is to make it the best place to find information about volleyball and other sports shoes. I won’t tell you everything about myself right now. But we as a team are gonna take the huntblades.com much higher!