Best Locking Gel – Guide About Loc, Dreads & Twist Gels

Best Locking Gel

As a stylist, I will share my experience and review the top locking gels that can help you achieve beauty and elegance while honoring our ancestors to accelerate your learning process.

Natural hair allows you to style it in various ways, including twisting it to create locs and dreads. However, maintaining such hairstyles requires the use of specific styling products. Finding the right products can be challenging, but knowing what factors to consider can help you find the perfect gel for your hair type and needs.

We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for the best gel for your locs. We have compiled a list of the finest locking products to keep your dreads healthy, secure, and well-maintained. While day-to-day maintenance is important, the method you use to start and hold your locs is equally crucial. This is where locking gels come into play. They make your locs more manageable and easier to shape.

In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect locking gel that suits your needs and ensures the health and longevity of your locs.

Top Locking And Twist Gels

Difference Between Locking and Twist Gels

Twist gels and LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) are hairstyle products with distinct benefits and applications.

LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream)

The LOC method is a hair care technique used to moisturize and seal in moisture for curly and textured hair types. It involves applying a liquid (water or leave-in conditioner), followed by an oil (such as coconut oil or olive oil), and then sealing it with a cream (like a butter or hair moisturizer).

This layering technique helps to retain moisture, reduce frizz, and define curls or coils. The products used in the LOC method are typically in liquid, oil, and cream forms and can be applied to wet hair.

Twist Gels

Twist gels are hair styling products designed to create and hold twists or twist-outs in textured hair. They usually have a gel-like consistency and are formulated to give the hair hold, definition, and shine.

Twist gels are often combined with the twisting technique, where sections of hair are twisted together to create coils or twists. This style can be worn as is or unraveled for a twist-out, which results in a more textured and voluminous hairstyle.

What Is the Most Effective Locking Gel?

Style Factor Lock Booster is the perfect gel for dreads. This gel is great for most types of locs because it holds well and doesn’t leave much residue. There are more than a dozen different varieties, such as lavender, rosehip, marula, coconut and others. No matter which version you choose, it will moisturize and refresh a dry scalp while managing frizzy hair.

On the other hand, the Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Wax is a great choice if you want something with more moisturizing ingredients, such as a wax gel, that gives the twists great curl definition. On the other hand, Lion Locs Hair-Locking Dreadlock Cream contains only natural ingredients.

1- Style Factor Lock Booster Twist and Grip Styling Solution

Style Factor Lock Booster Twist And Grip Styling Solution
  • Product Benefits: Create your Braids, Twists, Locks, or any desired styles 
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Scent: Pink
  • Liquid Volume: 5 Fluid Ounces

The Style Factor Lock Booster is great for making black hair twist again and again. The grip is good because it is smooth and lasts a long time. It feels the same as the Edge Booster and other products from this brand. All of the other Lock Boosters are great, but the Edge Booster is the best.

When you put it on, the Style Factor Lock Booster is quite thick and heavy, and when it dries, it gets a little bit sticky. Since 4c hair coils are hard to tame, this locking gel is great for 4c hair. But it might be too much for hair types 4a or 4b.

I love how long my customers’ Style Factor Lock Boosters last. The results are very impressive. It works well and makes great locks and turns. Also, the Lock Booster provides enough grip for long periods of time to prevent panic from occurring.

However, if your hair is soft, it may not hold as well. If you have soft hair, you can use a blow dryer to apply it. We always say not to use a hair dryer as it can break your hair.

If you use it frequently you may find something that isn’t as bad as it is with other gels. Still, when I used this product, I found that the back locks were easier to keep in place than the front locks.

Also, this is a great product that smells great. This is the gel I use for my folk twists. This works great, especially for locks that have just been rekeyed. This is the perfect locking gel for dreads because it holds better, doesn’t build up, and smells great.


  • Provides excellent hold
  • Leaves a little residue
  • has a nice smell


  • Not good for hair that is soft

2- Jamaican Mango & Lime, Locking Firm Hair Wax

Jamaican Mango &Amp; Lime, Locking Firm Hair Wax
  • Product Benefits: Strengthening
  • Hair Type: All
  • Material Type: Sulfate Free

Jamaican Mango & Lime Gel for Lux is a popular brand that has been around for quite some time. So, I was very optimistic about it because I had used it before.

Although the wax really covers the hair and feels great at first, I didn’t feel comfortable with it. When there is too much wax in the hair, it is difficult to wash it because the wax prevents water from reaching the hair strands.

Then I realized I was using too much pressure. So, I used less, and the results were better. It feels like petroleum jelly because it contains wax and honey. These ingredients also help keep hair healthy, which is a nice bonus.

The Jamaican Mango & Lime locking gel has been great for me so far. When my clients use it, there are no flakes or loose hairs in their locs. This is great for our friends who don’t like to get under the machine to dry their clothes. With this locking wax, my clients’ dreadlocks are much more moisturized and under control. It also smells wonderful.

You won’t need to use the anti-itch spray for a while, and your scalp won’t get irritated as easily. Beautiful, right? Also, even for 3c hair with low density, this isn’t too heavy.

Most locking gels don’t work well on gray hair because gray hair kind of does what it wants to do. So, you can see why I like the extra hold for my short gray hair.


  • Takes care of flyaways
  • has a nice smell
  • Helps prevent frizz


  • Could be too heavy for thin hair

3- Lion Locs Hair Locking Dreads Moisturizer for Dreadlocks

Lion Locs Hair Locking Dreads Moisturizer For Dreadlocks
  • Benifits: Moisturize, retwist, and tame your mature or starter locs without leaving any debris, build up, or flakes.
  • Hair Type: All
  • Scent: Natural
  • Liquid: 8 Fluid Ounces

Have you ever wondered why your hair doesn’t look as good as the hair you see online? Along with a good routine for keeping your locs in good shape, Lion Locs Dreadlock Cream is a great place to start.

Lion Locs Dreadlock Gel is a great product that smells great and works well. I don’t think it’s as good as the Jamaican mango and lime, which came in second. But I love Shir Locs because they are made from natural ingredients.

The cream is not sticky and feels light. It smells really fresh. It seems As the folk cream moisturizes the hair well without making it feel heavy. A big problem for me is that, for the price I paid, my pot was only half full.

This folk gel has the best fragrance I have ever used. The fragrance is nice and can last for days. Although it doesn’t moisturize as well as Bevex Locking Gel, it does a great job. I wouldn’t take the lid off for too long, even for a short while, because it feels like jelly and thickens over time to look like hard gelatin, making it hard.

Both the taste and texture of the product are perfect. Still, I don’t like using it on starters or baby lox because it doesn’t keep them firm enough. Instead, I like to use it on locs that are fully grown. Everything else about the item is fine.

Although I haven’t seen much change in the length of the dreads, I have noticed that they are easier to absorb. I haven’t heard any complaints about flaking or residue either. I said I love the scent, but if you use it too much, it can give you a headache.

How Well It Works on Thick Hair

Finding the right lotion to protect long hair from dryness can be difficult. The gel smells like a strong floral or fruity scent that fades a bit as you rub it in.

The effects will last for days as long as you cover your hair as much as you need. And that gives the locs just the right amount of bounce, softness, shine and silky feel.

Since you’ve had locks for so long, you’ll need more products to cover them all, which is what this product is for. It would be higher on this list if it cost a little less.

Nevertheless, it works very well with 4B hair. It smells really good and makes the skin soft and glowing in just the right way. I would recommend this product to anyone with natural hair, not just those with curly hair.


  • Leaves little to no residue
  • Made with only natural materials
  • So gentle on hair it’s hard to believe


  • A bit expensive

4- Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Tight Hold Gel

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Tight Hold Gel
  • Product Benefits: Frizz Control
  • Hair Type: Frizzy
  • Material: Paraben Free
  • Scent: Rosemary

TW lock gel for dreads held new hair growth longer than most other gels for locs. Most locs would look old and messy a few days after being retwist, but this gel kept the retwist looking neat for a much longer time.

When I opened the tub, I noticed that the scent was nice but not overpowering. It worked fine for thick, straight hair, but the locks split again after a few weeks, which was fine. This works well if your hair is not too wavy and you have to hold it tight. Most importantly, it can work best for people with really wavy hair.

The gel does what it says it will do, which is to give a “tight hold.” The texture is just right; it’s not too wet, too hard, or too sticky. And it takes less time to dry. Also, if you notice an ashy residue, you can get rid of it by putting oil on it a few times.

Just now is the first time I’ve used it, and so far I’m happy with the results. One of the best twist-and-lock gels I’ve tried so far.

In fact, this dreadlock gel really does work on very thick, hard-to-manage 4C hair. I told a client about this a week ago, and he has been very positive about it. All of the twists are still there. So he didn’t have to change it or twist it again.

This was just what his thick hair needed to stay in place and grow. No flaking or hardness, just twists that look good. But keep in mind that this product is not good for twist-outs; it only works if you plan to keep your hair locked.


  • It keeps the hair in place so well.
  • No flaking
  • Better than what came before
  • Get taken in easily


  • I’d like this product even more if it offered some sun protection.

5- RA Cosmetics Dr.Natural's Superior Locking Gel

Ra Cosmetics Dr.natural'S Superior Locking Gel
  • Item Form: Gel
  • Brand: RA Cosmetics
  • Unit Count: 8 Ounce

After trying a few others, this is one of the best dreadlock creams I have found for my baby. It holds the hair well without making it hard or dry. Also, the business has the best customer service.

This locking gel is made of vegetable cellulose, jojoba oil, soy protein, triethanolamine, the scent of mango, sunflower lanolin, and distilled water.

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This thing is great. It sticks well, has a great price, and smells great. I’ve used a lot of different gels for locs, and this is one of the best ones. It makes the locs look much better.

6- Stylin Dredz Mouldin' Gel Wax with Tea Tree Oil

Stylin Dredz Mouldin' Gel Wax With Tea Tree Oil
  • Hair Type: Normal
  • Material Type: Daily Free
  • Scent: 16.91 OZ
  • Liquid Volume: 16.91 Fluid Ounces

Dark queens who want a locking gel that’s more than just a gel for dreads can use Stylin Dreads Molden Gel Wax. It can also work well as a product to hold edges in place. Also, black men can use it to keep their locks clean.

The first time I tried to change my daughters locks with this locking gel they were all confused because I used too much. They looked good after a few washes.

The second time, I just put a small portion in each spot, and it worked perfectly. It works when it gets hot. And as it dried, I didn’t notice any flakes.

Since then, I have purchased many of these items. One thing I have noticed is that the tub sometimes comes open. This is probably because the delivery people did not handle the package carefully.

Also, even though it’s the longest, I learned that if the product is left in storage for too long, it leaves a white residue on the roots of the hair when it’s applied. If you use too much product on your hair, you will get the same results.

I also noticed that as soon as I washed my dreadlocks, they became slightly less tight. If not, I can use it to palm roll my dreadlocks.

Stylin’ Dredz Mouldin’ Gel Wax not only gives great hold, but it also helps smooth baby hair. The only problem is that it leaves a little white powder behind when it dries. I use an oil spray to maintain the shine.

Also, it works really well on synthetic lace fronts with lots of twists. With this product, you can create your own locks that look like they were done by a professional stylist.

Since “gel wax” is in the name of the product, it’s easy to guess that it will have a standard gel consistency. The thickness of this product, on the other hand, is like a mix of jello and wave grease.

7- AllDay Locks Braid Gel | Extreme Hold, Smooths & Tames Frizz

Allday Locks Braid Gel Extreme Hold, Smooths &Amp; Tames Frizz
  • Product Benefits: Extreme Hold, Frizz Control, Edge Control
  • Hair Type: All
  • Scent: Lavender, Tea Tree
  • Liquid Volume: 5 Fluid Ounces

Most of the gels that went into this are for twists and locs. Do you like braids? Well, the answer is AllDay Locks Braid Gel. And, like Stylin’ Dredz Gel Wax, it’s great for keeping hair edges and baby hairs in place.

She has had the braids in for five days now, and she hasn’t noticed any big flyaways. It smells great—not like chemicals, but more like citrus—and is not at all fake.

It feels very moisturizing and is more like a light wax in texture. About a third of the product was put on her hair. I started at the scalp and used whatever was on my fingers to pull it through the length.

The smell is good, the grip is great, and the price is reasonable. But where is the catch? The only thing I don’t like about it is that it leaves quite a bit of residue, and after just one use, there wasn’t much left.

Still, how you use it is the most important thing because every person and every hair is different. Overall, it is great for braiding natural hair, smoothing it and getting rid of frizz.

It works like magic to prevent small objects from flying. Just make sure your hair is well hydrated and add a small amount of water to give it more hold. When I used it on my dry hair the next day, it was better. Before using something like this, you should just take better care of your hair, which isn’t really the product’s fault.

Keep this in mind when comparing braided locks to rolled or twisted locks. Since the top is flat, so will your locs. Your locks may not form for a year or more, and the braid pattern may not go away right away.

8- Coconut, Aloe & Lime Tightening Gel

Coconut, Aloe &Amp; Lime Tightening Gel
  • Product Benefits: Hydrating
  • Hair Type: All
  • Scent: Coconut
  • Liquid Volume: 8 Fluid Ounces 

This gel is a natural blend of coconut, aloe, vitamin E, and other organic and nourishing ingredients, which work together to tame loose and stubborn hair. In addition to keeping your dreadlocks clean, this gel also helps improve hair elasticity and repair damage.

One of the key benefits of this gel is its lightweight formula, which ensures that it doesn’t leave any residue on your hair. Your locks will not feel heavy or weighed down after application. Furthermore, since it is water-soluble, you can easily wash it off without any hassle or buildup.

A little goes a long way with this gel, so it is recommended to use it sparingly. Apply a light gel coating from the roots to the ends of your hair for optimal results. This will help ensure that your locks are properly coated without product overloading.

Using this gel, you can enjoy the benefits of its natural ingredients, such as coconut, aloe, and vitamin E, which nourish and hydrate your hair. Not only will it help tame your locks and keep them in place, but it will also contribute to your hair’s overall health and vitality.

How To Pick Best Locking Gel?

When choosing the best locking gel for your hair, there are a few factors to consider. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:


Find out why the locking gel is there. Do you need a gel for new loc maintenance and upkeep, or are you hoping to retwist and style your existing locs? Gels may be tailored to certain loc growth phases.


Keep an eye out for locking gels made with nutritious, all-natural components. Gels containing harsh chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, or parabens should be avoided because they can dry out your locs and cause breakage or buildup. Locs can benefit from aloe vera, shea butter, coconut, and essential oils.


Take into account the gel’s texture. If you’re starting fresh locs, you might find that a thicker gel works better to keep your hair in place as you lock it. On the other hand, a more flexible and lightweight gel may be preferable for retwisting and style.


Look for a locking gel that promises a residue-free finish. Residue can accumulate over time and make your locs appear dull or dirty. A gel that rinses out easily without leaving behind any residue is preferable.

Reviews and recommendations

Learn from the experiences of people who have tried locking gels by reading reviews and recommendations. Their knowledge of which gels are effective for certain hair types and loc styles is invaluable. A skilled loctician might also be consulted for advice.

How to Apply the Best Locking Gel on Hair

To apply the best locking gel on hair, start with clean, damp hair and evenly distribute a small amount of gel from the roots to the ends. Use your fingers or a comb to twist and lock the hair, allowing it to dry naturally for best results.

Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo and let it air dry or use a blow dryer on low heat. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying the locking gel.

Use Locking Gel

After combing the hair well with a wide-toothed comb, put on a lot of hair wax or moisturizer. Take some Lock & Twist Gel and scoop it out with your hand. Apply it to your hair, moving from the scalp to the ends.

Separate your hair into Pieces.

A piece of hair that is an inch wide can be cut in half. As you twist the pieces together, move through them in a clockwise direction. Use a small amount of hair gel if you want to keep your hair in place.

So that the twist stays together, tightly wrap the tip of the hair around your fingertip. After you divide your hair into smaller pieces, twist each one. With lock and twist gel, you can twist your hair by hand, with a comb, or twice.

Apply Hair wax

If you notice that the hair is getting dry as you work, keep adding the best locking gel for dreads to it. After a few more parts and twists, cover your hair. Don’t forget to twist your hair every two weeks, and keep twisting each section from the roots up. Add gel and hair moisturizer to the twists every so often to keep them smooth.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Note:  You can put pressure on the root or new growth with the palm roll method, a small tooth comb, or a lot of locking gel. Sit under a hair dryer for 20 minutes after the locking is done.

Tips: Apply a small amount of holding gel to each section of your hair before you braid or twist it and when you are doing maintenance. Make braids, twists, and locs just a little bit smaller than you want, since they will grow out over time.

 Even though you don’t need a perfect part all the way through, you can set up your braiding pattern to make a clear center part and side parts.

 Don’t pull too hard on locks, braids, or new hair growth when styling them or pulling them tight. If you pull on your hair too much, you could lose hair temporarily or for good.

 Products with a lot of wax or mineral oil, creamy conditioners, or thick conditioners should be avoided because they can build up in your hair and make it hard to wash it.

How to make twists with locking gels

Using locks gel to make twists in the hair of black men is a pretty simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Clean and Style Your hair

Start by untangling hair that has just been washed and is still damp. Then, prepare your hair for styling by using a product that works with your hair type. For normal hair, you can use a pomade or gel that doesn’t dry out and has no alcohol in it.

Choose beeswax, nut butter, or natural oils if your hair is rough or dry. Try mixing a gel with shea butter to hold your hair in place and make it soft.

Choose Your Preferred Size for the Twists

Use a comb or fingers to part the hair into sections. Small pieces look neat, but can take hours to put together. Large pieces are more comfortable and take less time.

Create Twists

Start at the nape of the neck and work your way up. Twist each section of hair around your finger in the direction you want it to curl.

Make sure that all of the pieces are straight, the same size, and spaced out the same amount. Keep going until you’ve covered your whole head. If you need to wet your hair, fill a spray bottle with conditioner or water and conditioner.

Can you Use locking Gel Everyday?

It’s not a good idea to use locking gel daily. While locking gels are intended to give you locs some structure, using them too often can cause buildup, damaging your hair and scalp. Maintaining the natural health of your locs is essential; therefore, finding a happy medium between applying locking gel for styling and letting your locs breathe is essential.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Avoid product build-up: Constant application of locking gel can leave a film that attracts dirt and dulls your locs’ sheen. This can eventually harm your locs by interfering with the natural locking process. If you want your locs to last as long as possible, you should give them enough breathing room and wash them frequently.

Consider your hair’s needs: It is important to pay attention to what your hair needs, as some people may need to apply gel more often than others in order to achieve certain styles or to control frizz. If you apply locking gel on your locs too often, it might weigh them down and alter their texture and mobility. Look at the state of your hair and decide if you need to apply it every day or if you can get away with less frequent application.

Prioritize natural moisture: When given enough water, locs really blossom. Overusing locking gel can prevent moisture from penetrating, which can cause to dryness and breakage. Maintaining healthy locs requires a consistent effort to moisturize them with either water-based treatments or natural oils. 

Balance with other products: You should experiment with different methods and products for hairstyling in addition to using locking gel daily. Instead of using gel only, you can add moisture and improve the look of your locs with other products, like as a moisturizing spray, leave-in conditioner, or natural oils.


The best locking gels for maintaining and styling your natural hair. Locking gels make your locs more manageable and help shape them easily. In this guide, we review the top locking gels to keep your dreads healthy and secure. We also explain the difference between locking gels and twist gels. The Style Factor Lock Booster Twist and Grip Styling Solution is an excellent gel for 4c hair, providing a strong hold without residue.

Locking gels are mostly used to keep hair in place so that neat dreadlocks and twists can be made. On the other hand, natural dreadlock gels can also give vitamins and other nutrients to the scalp.

Because gel can’t be washed out of locs the way it can be with loose hair, products can build up in the hair. This buildup of hair products can stop the hair from locking or make it take longer for the hair to lock. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to use dreadlock gel every day. If you do use it, do it when you retwist.

I only use locking gel when I re-twist, and I only put it on the roots. Even though oils and palm rolling can help keep your hair neat, it will still get a little messy in the end. Most locking gels are made to come off when you wash, so when you wash, the gel will also come off.

There are many ways to keep that “neat” look for longer, such as sleeping with a silk bonnet or durag on, wearing ponytails if your hair is long enough, and interlocking. But even these methods won’t work if you have to do maintenance all the time, which is bad for your scalp.

The most important thing to me is that my dreads are healthy and clean. Most stylists and people who wear locs say that new locs should be tightened every two to three weeks. As locs get older, they should be tightened every four to six weeks. The only time most people retwist is when there is a lot of new growth.

Having said that, do what you think is best for you and your way of life. People who work out often and sweat a lot will probably wash their hair more often and may want to keep it looking neat for longer. Just remember that if you twist your hair too much, the tension on your scalp could lead to traction alopecia, or hair loss.

Gels are better for locs because they don’t weigh down the hair. Plus, they dry quickly and are easy to wash off. Waxing can make your hair heavy and cause buildup that can be hard to get rid of.

No. You should use gels that are made for styling locs. Some gels have heavy ingredients that could hurt your hair.

Keep in mind that the best gel for locs should not only keep your hairstyle in place, but it should also have ingredients that make your hair healthier.

Use hair care products that moisturize your hair to make your locs shine. You can also keep them healthy and well-fed with natural oils. Try not to use products that have sulfates or alcohol in them if you can help it.

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