What Kind of Shoes Do Volleyball Players Wear

What Kind of Shoes Do Volleyball Players Wear

Volleyball is a fun and fast-paced sport that requires speed, accuracy, and quick reactions. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, your shoes are a key piece of gear that can greatly affect your game.

We’ve put together the most important facts, tips, and insights from experts and players to help you choose the best volleyball shoes for you. So, lace up your shoes and let’s dive into the world of volleyball shoes that can change the game.

Why Volleyball Shoe Selection Matters

Choosing the right pair of volleyball shoes is about more than just looking good. It’s also about getting the most out of your game and staying safe on the court. Why does it matter?

Better traction

Volleyball is a sport with quick starts, stops, and sideways moves. Specialized volleyball shoes have better grip on indoor courts, which makes it less likely that you will slip and fall.

Support and Stability

Volleyball players need good ankle support so that they don’t get sprains or other injuries when they change direction quickly. The right shoes give you support without making it hard to move.


Due to the high-impact nature of the game, your shoes should have a lot of padding to protect your joints from repeated stress and absorb shocks.


Volleyball is intense, and your feet will thank you for choosing shoes with good ventilation to keep them cool and dry.

Key Features to Look For Volleyball Shoes

Keep an eye out for these important things when looking for volleyball shoes:

  • Gum Rubber Soles: These soles are great for indoor games because they grip well and don’t leave marks.
  • Low-Top Design: Volleyball shoes are usually made with a low top so that the player can move quickly.
  • Lightweight Construction: Heavy shoes can make you move slower. Look for things that aren’t too heavy and won’t slow you down on the game.
  • Shock Absorption: To protect your joints, it’s important that your midsole and heel have good padding.

Popular Brands and Models

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

Mizuno is a known brand when it comes to volleyball shoes. The Wave Lightning Z6 is a choice among players because it has great grip and is very comfortable. Its low-top form lets you move quickly and side to side.

ASICS Gel Rocket 9

Another popular brand of volleyball shoes is ASICS, and the Gel Rocket 9 is a great option. With gel cushioning and good arch support, it gives you the comfort and stability you need for hard games.


Getting the right volleyball shoes is important if you want to improve your game and avoid getting hurt. Remember to put things like grip, support, and cushioning at the top of your list, and look at well-known brands like Mizuno and ASICS for good choices.

Investing in the right shoes will help you play better and feel better on the court, no matter how long you’ve been playing.

Q1- How do I determine the right shoe size for me?

You have to try on tennis shoes in the store to make sure they fit right. Measure both of your feet and pick the size that fits the bigger one. If you want to stay stable, remember that tight is better than open.

Q2- Do I need to break in my volleyball shoes?

Yes, it’s a good idea to break in your shoes. Wear them during practice to get used to how they feel and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during games.

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